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FAC – Face Academy Community was created by Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr. Patrícia Leite as an online teaching platform to raise the technical level of advanced medical aesthetics through weekly classes straight to the point and without reservations of knowledge.

In addition to the classes, the subscriber has a direct communication channel with the creator to answer questions and support in intercurrences.

All classes are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

More than 6 thousand members

 We are the first and largest community of advanced medical aesthetics in Latin America. Thousands of subscribers, evolving clinical practice, discussing and sharing experiences daily.

Over 20k questions answered

At FAC, no question remains unanswered. And the best, it is personally answered by Dr. Patricia Leite in a few hours. We are a living, breathing community with over 20,000 questions answered.

Your 24-hour teaching academy

FAC was thought of in the doctor’s hectic routine. You will be able to update yourself between appointments, on duty, at home or anywhere, 24 hours a day, with no limit.

Imagine a Netflix® of Advanced Aesthetics, this is FAC!

Learn techniques from basics to advanced, using all brands of products on the market, without strings attached or conflicts of interest with laboratories. Get the clarity of knowledge you’ve always wanted and save years of studying

How many times have you been afraid to clear your doubts with colleagues or simply had no one to turn to when unforeseen events happen?
Don't be hostage to laboratories, explore new techniques and products, discover a universe of opportunities. Get access to the best news and get ahead.
For less than 6 reais per day, you will have access to a very high level scientific environment. Just for comparison, with just one procedure performed in your clinic you can provide an entire year of access to FAC.
As it is a high-level and segmented community, FAC members have exclusive access to discounts/advantages with partners and events held by Face Academy


At FAC, you will find all topics from the universe of advanced medical aesthetics in one place, straight to the point and bluntly. We value your time.


FAC is a 100% online platform and you can watch it on your smartphone, tablet or computer, as many times as you want. Join the team and be prepared for the demands of your patients.


You'll have access to an exclusive, world-class medical community where your questions are answered personally by Dr. Patrícia Leite, faster than you can imagine, believe me!


Dr. Patrícia Leite Nogueira is a Brazilian plastic surgeon, member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP), member of the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery (ISAPS). Founder of IAAC Miami, the largest course held abroad for Brazilian physicians. Author of the books: Facial Aesthetics volumes 1 and 2, in addition to Cephalometry and Facial Beauty.

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Every day I'm more in love with FAC and everything related to it. There is no better way of learning than being able to study in the comfort of our home/work at the time that suits us and is possible. Certainly a revolutionary method that is here to stay. I'm adept at summarizing, so I manage to stop classes, go back to some part I didn't understand well and write everything down in detail... This makes me learn a lot. Not to mention his didactics, his commitment and his delivery. You and your team are always to be congratulated. Big kiss
Dr. Luciana ToraL
I think the platform is fantastic, its way of teaching, very didactic, always scientifically based, showing details and possible complications. You are always very sincere, this generates credibility. FAC was one of the best investments I made. I think face-to-face teaching is still important, but distance learning is an excellent opportunity for those who cannot travel and attend classes live, in addition to this distance learning allowing constant updates and we are always in touch with what's new. Congratulations Paty, you inspire me!
Dr. Tatiana Nunes Ferreira
After FAC, I became a better professional, more secure and happy to have so much knowledge available, passed on with so much wisdom and love! I'm a fan of the professional and person Patrícia! The online courses are wonderful, I feel on your side when I watch a class or even during the online hands-on! Already looking forward to the Lips! Thanks again for everything, it's a lot of light on your way!
Dr. Carolina Faria Zacché
Rio de Janeiro
I've been on the platform for some time now, since before the pandemic, and I've been really enjoying the proposal. The quality of the content, all the scientific and theoretical background that you bring with total clarity and didactics, in addition to the detailed practical demonstrations that you do, make this experience very enriching! I'm in love with the platform! In addition to being great because we can watch it at the best time, with peace of mind. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your knowledge!
Dra. Andressa Athanasi
Minas Gerais
I've had opportunities to take an E-learning course, and I've always thought that learning is better because it focuses you on more available times to study and read articles with greater focus on what you're doing. And since I'm from Recife, I don't have the opportunity to travel and attend your courses. The FAC came to fill all of this. In addition to their willingness to provide content in a didactic, objective and up-to-date manner. It just makes us wish you more success in this endeavor. Congratulations!!!
DR. Adriana Rita Carneiro
The classes are excellent, great quality videos, a total and demystified delivery of content. Answering the questions from the most basic to the most complex with equal attention, that made me admire you at first when I entered the FAC. About the content being delivered digitally, I believe it is a new efficient and flexible way of learning, where the student can customize his study since he can go back and reinforce concepts, speed up where he already considers it suitable.
Dr. Mirele Fadel

frequently asked
questions (faq)

All new subscribers who wish to cancel FAC within 7 consecutive days can do so via email and the amount paid will be refunded to the credit card, without pranks or bureaucracy.

Yes! In each class, a discussion area is available and you can clear all your doubts directly with Dr. Patricia Leite. Questions are answered as soon as possible.

Yes, you can watch the classes as many times as you want if your subscription is active. There is no limit.

Yes 🙂 FAC subscribers have free access to old and new classes. No limit on how many times you can watch.

No. FAC is not a course with a beginning, middle and end. We are a community with unlimited content. Each month, 4 new classes will be available.

Themes will be chosen according to requests from the community, clinical cases of Dr. Patrícia Leite and based on scientific news.

FAC is intended for physicians and medical students.

Scientific Responsible: Dr. Patrícia Leite Nogueira | CRM 35736 MG | RQE 30783.

CNPJ: 30.715.781/0001-61